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(2 Mo) (En)


Medium Voltage Soft Starter & Integrated Motor Insulation Protection


medium voltage soft starter line by solcon


The HRVS-DN is a third generation, digital Medium Voltage, Soft Starter, designed for use with standard MV asynchronous and synchronous motors. This highly sophisticated soft starter ensures smooth, step-less acceleration and deceleration, eliminating high inrush current and damaging mechanical torque on startup and mechanical wear on stopping. The HRVS-DN is available as a stand-alone product or as part of a complete system including Line and/or Bypass Contactors. Additional options for medium voltage soft starter include Load Break Switch, Motor Protection Relay, Digital Multimeter, etc. 

We can customise our medium voltage soft starters to solve all of your inrush and starup problems.

Advantages at a Glance for the HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Eliminates high inrush current and high mechanical torque on startup.

  • Soft, stepless acceleration & deceleration.
  • Unique starting & stopping characteristics.
  • User friendly, straight forward set-up and operation.
  • Sophisticated motor protection package.
  • Heavy duty design: 50°C ambient temperature.
  • Innovative low voltage test mode - full function-testing with a small L.V motor, using LV mains.
  • Advanced Electronic Potential Transformer utilizing Patent Pending "wireless" fiber-optic controlled firing system.
  • Each starter is tested for Partial Discharge (corona) to ensure long term reliability.
  • Power factor capacitors can be connected directly to the upstream contactor.
  • IP30-standard, higher protection by special order.
  • Two optional methods of delivery: Chassis type for self assembly or Complete system
  • RS485 Communication with MODBUS, PROFIBUS or MODBUS/TCP protocols (others available on request)
  • Wide 45-65Hz Auto-tracking frequency range realized by special software with unique hardware arrangement.
    (designed for Marine, Offshore and Generators operating under continuous frequency fluctuation)
  • Torque and current starting and stopping characteristics.
  • Pump control software.
  • Analog output option.
  • Motor Insulation Protection option (with programmable alarm and trip levels via seperate additional output).
  • Some of the approval bureau's we work with :  

    as well as :  BV, RINA

Medium Voltage Soft Starter Range: 2300-7200V, 30-2700A :

Exemples of complete integrated solutions :



medium voltage soft starters in formation


Starting & Stopping

Soft start and soft stop

Current limit

Torque & Current Control ramps

Pump Control characteristics

Pulse (kick) start

Tacho/encoder feedback (option)

Dual Adjust - 2 start/stop characteristics for varying loads, two speed motors, etc.

Soft starting and stopping utilizing our world renown "Pump Control Program"- choose the most effective curve for acceleration, deceleration and adjust for final torque. 

medium voltagesoft starter statistics

Set-up & Supervision of a Medium Voltage Soft Starter

  • Illuminated LCD with 2 lines, 16 characters each.                               
  • Selectable languages: English, German, French or Spanish.
  • The LCD displays motor current, fault description as well as statistical data.
  • Easy set-up using six soft-touch keys to change preprogrammed default parameters.
  • Eight LEDs for a quick status display: 
    • Control voltage On & Self Test OK                                          
    • Motor soft starting                                                          
    • Motor running
    • Motor soft stopping
    • Motor stopped
    • Test Mode Activated
    • Dual Adjust mode
    • Fault
medium voltage soft starter digital display


Last Starting Period

Last Start Maximum Current

Total Run Time

Number of Starts

Last Trip

Trip Current

Total Number of Trips

Historical Trip Event Recorder (10 Event conditions)

Control Inputs & Outputs for a Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Control voltage: 110-120, 220-240VAC / 50-60Hz or 110 - 220VDC to be specified at time of order.

Separate inputs for Start, Stop (Emergency) and Soft Stop.

Two programmable External fault inputs - will stop the motor 2 sec. after the contact closes

Aux. Contacts - three C/O relays, 8A, 250V, 2000VA (four C/O relays when Insulation option is used) :

1) Immediate Relay - changes position upon start signal, with adjustable On & Off delays.
Returns to original position upon Voltage Outage, Fault, Stop signal and Soft stop signal.
at the end of soft stopping process. It can also be configured as a "Shear-pin Alarm" contact.
2) End of Acceleration Relay - operates upon completion of starting process, with adjustable
On delay. Returns to original position upon Voltage outage, Fault, Stop and Soft Stop signals.
3) Fault Relay - can be programmed as:
     Fault - changes position upon Fault, returns to original position upon Reset.
     Fault-Fail-Safe - changes position upon control voltage connection, returns upon fault.

4) Insulation Alarm relay - changes position upon insulation detection at a pre-programmed level.

Typical Applications for a Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Fans and centrifuges

Conveyors and monorail systems

Pumps, Compressors and Chillers

Starting large motors from weak power supply
(diesel generators, long supply lines, etc.)

Typical Applications for a Medium Voltage Soft Starter illustration 1 Typical Applications for a Medium Voltage Soft Starter illustration 2

Marine & Offshore Applications for a Medium Voltage Soft Starter


Cargo Pumps (LNG, LPG, etc.)  

Water & Ballast pumps

Refrigeration compressors

Hydraulic pumps & power packs

Main Propulsion (Variable Pitch Propellers)

Nothern Swan uses medium voltage soft starters

Northern Swan, soft starting 8 cargo pumps and 2 compressors.

Courtesy: Woodside

Download brochure :

pdf icon Brochure HRVS-DN
(2 Mo) (En)

 Comprehensive Motor & Starter Protection
with Occurrence status table
Active During
Start Run Stop Soft Stop
Too many starts & Start Inhibit Time
Electronic Overload with selectable curves      
Shear Pin (Jam)
Starter Protection - trip function at 850% FLC in less than 1 cycle
Motor Protection - trip function
During Start-factory set at 850% FLA in less than 1 cycle
During Run-adjustment 200-850% FLA with adjustable delay  
Programmable setting
Starter Protection - trip function at 850% FLC
Motor Protection - Alarm & Trip functions
On fault "Immediate Relay" acts as alarm w/adjustable delay.
Trip will not occur if fault is cleared within the time delay.
During Start - preset at 850% FLA with adjustable delay
During Run - prog. 200-850% FLA with adjustable delay  
Under current  
Unbalance Current
Ground Fault Current  
Phase loss
Phase sequence
Under voltage. Time delay is overridden in a "No-Volt" case
Over voltage with adjustable time delay
Under / Over Frequency when range exceeds "Auto Tracking"
Long start time (Stall protection)
Shorted SCR & Wrong connection (Load Loss)
External fault 1 & 2
SCR protection by Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV)
Starter over-temperature
Starter internal test Passed
When supply voltage is connected and after the "On" LED is lit.
Power ON & NO Start signal    
By-Pass contactor Open  


Scope of supply

Chassis type or Cabinet (IP 30-54) or NEMA,with L.V. & M.V. segregated compartments.
Single or Multi-Motor Versions.

     Single : One Soft-Starter and One Motor

     Multi : One Soft-Starter and Two to Four Motors

HRVS-DN M.V. soft starter

Line & Bypass Vacuum Contactors

Low voltage control system


Options for a Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Insulation Alarm - where motor insulation is continuously checked. Alarm and Trip levels are programmable Communication: RS 485 with MODBUS, PROFIBUS or MODBUS-TCP

Analogue Output of motor current (field programmable 0-10VDC, 0/4-20mA or inverse)

Motor Protection Relay MPR 2000 with up to 10 temperature inputs
(Thermistors / RTDs) consult factory for further details

Main Isolator including handle, Motor Protection type main fuses (with or without blown fuse indicator) etc Incoming Cabinet containing all the options)

Digital Power, Voltage and Current Meter DPM-10, for continuous parameter display.

medium voltage soft starter display


Download brochure :

pdf icon Brochure HRVS-DN
(2 Mo) (En)


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