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Position control

A maximum of 256 different positions (RCP2) can be set.
The positions can be set arbitrarily by PC Software, Teaching Pendant or Serial Protocol, and it is easy to do a model (product) change or position adjustment.
For each position speed, acceleration, deceleration and zone input can be freely programmed

Speed control

Robo Cylinder can change speed on the fly.Robo Cylinder is good for multiple step speed changes (max. 511 steps) while in motion, and constant speed stability movement.

Acceleration/deceleration control

It is easy to change (control) acceleration/deceleration for quick start/stop and smooth start/stop motion.

The machine transfers jelly from one conveyor to the other. 


Push aand hold control

Robo Cylinder can quickly move the rod just before the objects and slowly push it if it is required


Robo Cylinders fix the door to apply sealing material with articulated robot. This machine can process multi-type products because of Robo Cylinder.
Incremental move

Robo Cylinder can move a specified distance (pitch) repeatedly in steps (min. 0.1mm).

This machine reads bar codes on the test tubes.
Pause input

Robo Cylinder can pause (hold) its movement at arbitrary positions

.This machine lifts wrapping paper to the picking height for the air gripper. Robo Cylinder moves up while the light sensor is on. Once the sensor is off, Robo Cylinder pause the motion.


Zone output
Robo Cylinder can output a signal during movement.
The machine prints production date on food containers using ink jet printer. The zone signal range is set where the actuator moves at a constant speed for printing area.

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