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The RV-2SDB uses an innovative geometry to allow exceptional agility even in limited spaces. This means it is readily adaptable to small work cells with few modifications required. For new designs, the space saving capabilities mean reduced cost, both in terms of materials and floor space.

Key to the RV-2SDB’s agility is an arm design that even allows access to the area immediately surrounding the base, making the maximum use of the surrounding space. This is further enhanced by a 360 degree reach, meaning no parts of the surroundings are inaccessible. A ceiling mount capability and compact wrist design complete the picture.

Increased productivity

While agility is a key benefit, to provide an effective solution it needs to be combined with performance. The RV-2SDB delivers on this requirement with axis performance that is up to 10% faster than previous designs while carrying a versatile 2kg (3kg in wrist down position) load. This all adds up to a maximum combined speed of 4,400 mm/sec. Hence cycle times can be kept to the minimum for increased productivity. Despite this rapid cycling capability, the robot does not sacrifice positional repeatability, allowing precise manipulation of assemblies and work pieces down to +/- 0.02mm. So finally, the RV-2SDB delivers both dependable productivity and quality day after day.


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  • Simple system integration

    True to Mitsubishi’s position as a full source automation partner, the RV-2SDB is easily integrated with a variety of our other automation system components. The GOT HMI can communicate via an Ethernet link to the robot controller. This allows operation panels to be easily configured using the GOT alone, saving development and system cost. Further, the robot’s standard SSCNET III interface allows an MR-J3-B servo axis to be controlled directly over a high performance, noise free optical link.

  • Powerful software tools

    The RV-2SDB also benefits from a comprehensive suite of software tools to simplify the tasks of system design and validation while minimizing engineering hours. RT Toolbox 2 provides the main tools for programming the robot system, debugging and planning optimum cycle times for maximum productivity. MELFA-Works can take existing system design data from CAD software such as SolidWorks and use this to accurately simulate the operation of work cells and systems.

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